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The Digital Room

WG13 Digital Room


Getting to grips with technology.
Peer led digital support including basic IT skills, tablet tutorials and mobile phone workshops.
Send e mails & shop online with confidence.
Skype, Facebook or Twitter, talk to your family onscreen. Send digital photos to your family.



People accessing the Digital Hub will be able to select technology based on best fit for their needs and outcomes, using a try before you buy philosophy.
To build and promote digital participation, empowering people to fully utilise the wealth of emerging Technology Enabled Care to live independently within their own homes and communities.
To promote the use of a range of technology enabled care, allowing people to determine suitability and best fit to meet their needs.
The Digital Hub will also have accessible Video Conferencing facilities that staff and members of the public can access for appointments/training/peer support.


Working in partnership with the third sector and statutory services the Digital Hub will house a virtual home environment with interactive TEC, allowing people to experience how TEC could support them in their own home.
The home environment will also provide excellent training opportunities for Health and Social Care staff and could be used to facilitate wider community priorities such as home fire safety awareness training.


Digital Hub drop in Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am – 2pm
Open to the public, come in and get connected. Whether you are a complete beginner wishing to extend your knowledge of a novice looking to keep up with fast changing technologies.
Connect Call – Telephone Befriending Service
A volunteer led service providing a free friendly telephone call to share life’s ups and downs. Using technology to connect people within their communities.
If you would like to volunteer please come along for further information.

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