Dining Room Table


At WG13, we take pride in our cooking and ensuring that we are using the best produce sourced from across Scotland. A locally run social enterprise in the heart of Kilmarnock we strive to deliver a taste of home when you’re looking for something that’s not at home.  We are delighted to work with our local         suppliers in delivering an exciting mix of great taste and the knowledge that we support local businesses.

All of our delicious fruits and vegetables come from Grants of Prestwick. They provide us with the finest lettuce, tomatoes, herbs and salad leaves. Trading since 1947 Grants provide a terrific service with quality produce throughout Ayrshire.

Closer to home, all of our fresh Scottish meat comes from Pollock Williamson Family Butchers situated in Kilmarnock. With two stores situated in Ayr and one in Kilmarnock, Pollock Williamson is a family butchers that provides the finest Scottish meats.

All of our locally sourced fish comes from J. Pieroni and Sons from Ayr. They deliver us their finest catch which provides a fresh and delectable flavour that makes our fish dishes so appetising.  

If you would like any more information on the providence of the food on our menu please ask a member of staff.

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